• I wouldnt want to, but i could

    Gambling is fun - i know a lot of folks kick off at it because it's 'evil' and all that sort of business but that shouldnt really taken into account here. This is more a question of "do you have $270 spare that you wouldn't miss". Yes i do. Generally you should be saving around that amount each month.

  • I couldn't afford a $270 minimum bet anywhere.

    I have no reason to be setting foot in a Macau casino if there is a $270 minimum bet. My monthly income is much lower than that. I'm in the homeless system, so if I had $270 right now, I certainly wouldn't be gambling with it. I'd be saving it for a day when I need to supplement my food stamps!

  • I can't afford it and wouldn't do it anyway

    I can't afford it and wouldn't do it anyway. This is because it is ridiculous to gamble money with such low hopes of getting a decent return. There are reasons those casinos stay in business. They reel people in with hopes of getting a lot of money, but it is mostly flash and empty promises.

  • I do not make enough to gamble that much money.

    If I were to gamble, it would be for a much smaller amount. Throwing a lot of money to chance isn't ideal in this economy. I would not even gamble that much money if my odds were 50/50. If I were to get a large inheritance, or a large promotion, I would then consider it.

  • No. I could not afford it.

    The majority of the gamblers in this world would not be able to afford that minimum bet. The casino has this minimum bet on purpose so it can regulated who is actually coming into their casino. They only want the most sophisticated, rich and famous people in their casino regardless if it makes them a lot of money or not.

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