• Indeed you could.

    There are more than one types of psychopaths. Low level psychopaths, moderate psychopaths, and high functioning psychopaths. The Joker happens to be a famous example of a high functioning psychopath. He could not be trusted. But I, for example, am an example of a moderate psychopath. I tend to me manipulative and great at lying, but I never break a promise. I am a trustworthy psychopath. So to answer your question, it all depends on what type of psychopath you're talking about.

  • But not always... (Image- The Joker is one of the most famous film examples of a psychopath)

    I think there are certain situations in which psychopaths can cope with better than a normal person; a normal person may get panicked and irrational in a high-risk situation, whereas a psychopath would be calm and objective. And, of course, there is a scale of psychopathy, and most psychopaths aren't serial killers. Extremely violent psychopathy usually requires a combination of childhood trauma and genetic factors.
    That said, psychopaths are known for their lack of empathy, narcissism, charm and grandiosity, and so I wouldn't trust them in a normal situation as they are likely to take advantage any way they can.

  • There is nothing good in them

    Psychopath are one of the most threat in our society.They are responsible for many crimes such as murder,rape,child molestation,torture,and serial killer.So they are often careless and coldblood.Such kind of people should not belong to our society and should be killed in my opinion.At least we have to brush off evilness from the society.

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