• If it came to it.

    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that if it were necessary to end a human life to protect myself/my family/those around me, I would. Anyone who can make a rational decision to murder someone clearly doesn't have a functioning frontal lobe. So yes, I would kill someone to protect me and mine if it came to it.

  • Forget the things that would stop you, and think about the good things it would bring.

    The thing is; I would never kill someone if my life was the only life that was at risk. I don't think it would be worth it. I could never go on knowing that I had killed someone so that I could live. I would die gracefully knowing that I would gain and he would lose.

    If however, the person that I was killing was a threat to other people's lives, then I would pull the trigger on them without hesitation. If the person was a terrorist or somebody like Hitler etc. then I would kill them straight away because I know that I would save an innocent person's life. That would eradicate the mental pain.

  • Could I? Yes. Would I? No.

    I believe all violence is wrong, even those who might seem like they deserve it. All people have the basic right to live a healthy life. No one should suffer. They should be imprisoned for their crimes, not cruelly murdered no matter how just the cause might seem to us.

  • To protect myself? Hell yea.

    Well, self preservation instinct is a powerful one. I would kill someone with my hands in self defense if I needed to.

    I cannot see myself killing anyone for no logical reason, unless the extremism gets to me I guess. But moving on..

    I bet 99% of the people here would kill someone in self defense, its the instinct of self preservation.

  • It really depends

    I definitely could kill somebody but whether I actually do it or not kind of depends. If somebody attacks and threatens to kill me or somebody I care about, It's either fight back, Possibly resulting in somebody else's death or you can just sit there and let somebody kill you/your loved one. But, If somebody was just annoying me a little, No. No way in hell would I kill them. Yell? Probably. Imagine myself hurting them and beating them to death? Probably not but still more likely than killing them. But kill someone that isn't doing anything that could kill me or somebody else? Never.

  • It's a kill or be killed world.

    Everyday, someone dies out there. Wether it's murder or a disease, we all have to fight something. And even if death is inevitable, we can't just sit and let it happen! We survive, by any means necessary... God forbid if I go down, I go down knowing I tried to live longer.

  • Yes, but only if its a them or me.

    Let me explain, say someone comes into your place of work or any other sort of public setting like a bank and threatens people with a gun hell they could kill one person as a warning. If I was given the opportunity I would try to disarm the person when they get close because will I could but I wouldn't turn the gun on them and kill them that would be unjustified because they are no longer a threat, but say he pulls a knife and I'm holding them back and they have a strong intent to kill me I would try to use their own knife to kill them.

    Only kill someone if it's the only option of keeping you or those around you alive.

  • Oh yes, definitely.

    Most of us could, I would say, unless we have overbearing compassion even at that moment when it is necessary for us to eliminate someone. If the question was "would" however, many may opt for the negative. As for me, I am with the affirmative for both should I judge a person being gone to be better for the greater good.

  • Am I a coward? Yes. Am I a selfish person? That depends.

    As much as I'd like to say that "I'm better than that" truth is; I'm not.
    It doesn't matter if it was out of self defence or the defence of others, I'm pretty sure that I'd end up just thinking of myself.
    Most humans don't want to die, after all.

    When I say "I'm a coward." I mean that I'm terrified of dying, so, if need be, I'd almost certainly kill someone if it meant prolonging my own life...So long as I had no attachment to said person beforehand.

    However, I don't think that makes me a particularly selfish person, after all, how am I to know if they wouldn't do the exact same to me?
    (Which I suppose makes me sound like a pretty crappy human, but hey, no one's perfect. And I ain't about to die for no reason.)

  • Yes, yes I could {metaphorically}

    I could kill a two faced, overbearing lying, misrepresenting harpy who would go out of it's way to make me into a 'bad' guy just to server her stupid purpose. And When I say stupid I mean ignorant, a person unexposed to knowledge, introspection, world views multi dimensional thinking and the like. But luckily I have not had the misfortune of having to deal with such an entity and hope I shall never have to in future.

  • No way why

    I'm Christian and believe through him you can make a guy/women put a gun down and see that what they are doing is wrong. There is absolutely no reason to kill people whatsoever. The only people who should kill are the authorities and that's IT. Killing is wrong no matter what.

  • Too much of a softy with a big heart

    I see good in all people. In the spur of the moment I'm perfectly capable as all people are of accidental manslaughter, but I couldn't do it with any afterthought. Even the most heinous of people aren't worth me succumbing to their level, even at the expense of risking myself.

    I have no partner or children so nobody can hold them random or force my hand to protect them. Just me, and them. I'd do everything in my power to right things in a civil manner. I also don't carry firearms or weapons around me so the matches are not there to start a fire so to speak.

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Logical-Master says2014-02-09T21:49:05.657
Depends on what you mean by "necessary."

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