Countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labor: Is the ban on exports better than free trade without barriers (concerning child labor)?

Countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labor: Is the ban on exports better than free trade without barriers (concerning child labor)?
  • Yes they should ban the importation

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  • Yes it should be banned.

    Childhood is the most wonderful part of every humans life. They are making friends, going to school, and finding the "meaning of life". They should be going to school so one day they can have a better education for a better life. Yes they need money, but one day they'll make more.

  • They should ban

    I think they should ban because childhood is the most important part of a child's life. If they are going to be forced to work if they don't want to, it should be illegal. Instead of work, they should be playing soccer or even go to school and get an education to have a brighter future!

  • Yes, countries should ban the import of good produced by child labor.

    Yes, countries should ban the import of good produced by child labor. This way those countries will try to stop child labor and it will decrease. Yes, the families will go through more depression but they will start working by themselves and stop children from working. Also, countries should provide FREE EDUCATION.

  • Countries should boycott goods made with child labor.

    For example, in Somaliland (Africa), child labor is a part of life and most children actually are the main source of income for their families; however, at the same time, they are very mistreated and work in dangerous and unhealthy environments. If there is a coalition of nations boycotting African goods, the only way it could bring its economy back up would be to create and enforce child labor protection laws and regulations.

  • Yes, if there is discrepancy about whether certain goods were produced by child labor, than a big fat BAN should but put into place.

    I'm sure a lot of people would find the band a hindrance, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Say goodbye to free trade (which may or may not CONTAIN PRODUCTS MADE BY CHILDREN!!). It is the only way to stop this practice, otherwise children will continue to be exploited.

  • Yeah, products made by children should be banned

    The reason for this is because it is just unjust that and not fair that the products that are being made by children are sold for a greater cost than what they are actually worth. People should acknowledge this and stop buying until the children are treated fairly. I stand by what I say but Im being hypocritical because I buy a lot of industrialized products but as soon as I see another option I will stop

  • Yes, under one condition

    The condition being that there is a coallition of nations standing together to boycott the child labour nation. That way, the nation being boycotted will be chocked by the economic preassure and be forced to change its laws. However, if it is one small nation, then that wont work. It has to be a lot of nations or one large one. Kind of like how Cuba isnt THAT communist anymore due to economic preassure caused by boycotts and embargos and the like.

  • Yes, they should.

    Although goods are needed, they shouldn't be from the work of children. When countries are accepting the goods produced by children, the children aren't benefitting. They are still working through long hours and little pay. With more demand on the market, more supply is needed. This results in even MORE work from the children.

  • Yes, countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labor

    I think some counties should ban the import of goods by children because children really suffer and ache during the process of creating goods and when the import them, people are paying a lot of money for something that the children do not profit from. People pay so much money thinking that the money goes back to the children, but it doesn't.

  • Countries should not

    Ban the import of goods produced by child labor, because the economy would go down drastically and people would become poor. Imported goods is a very important thing to the country. Banning the goods would be a very wrong move and could hurt the economy and the people at the same time.

  • Products will be much more expensive.

    The economy will be largely affected.
    Many things we buy already are made from child labor and we boycott it we have to either find another buyer or make it ourselves.
    Products will be more expensive and the economy will drop.
    The companies will have to hire actual paid workers and will have to increase the price.
    Poor people will have even more trouble trying to buy something.
    We should focus on ending poverty before child labour.

  • Banning it will cause a huge economic crisis

    Although child labor is ethically wrong and children are being forced to work, banning the import of goods will be a bad move. Banning them will cause a huge economic shift, making countries struggle and they will not get the items that they need. Child labor is a problem that should end but by banning imports this will not stop. I actually think it might get worse for children because their families might look for other jobs. These families that are allowing their kids to work, are probably in desperate need of money, and by banning the imports, they will be in even more desperation.

  • They shouldn't ban it

    Even though it is terrible that these really young kids doing hard work and jobs that arent suitable for their age, we have to take into consideration that it may be the familys only way to get money for food, just for them to survive. If you ban it, then the kids wouldn't have anywhere to go, since public schools in some country are either terrible or non existent.

  • I mean its probably the right thing to do, but no.

    If countries were to ban the import of goods produced by child labor, the majority of imports would be banned, and then countries would be lacking essential products. Yes, it is probably the right thing to do to ban such products produced from child labor, but it wouldn't work and wouldn't help countries.

  • Countries should not ban the import of goods produced by child labor

    Countries should not ban the import of goods produced by child labor. If they do, then massive economical inflation would happen and everybody would end up poor. Action should take place, but banning these goods is the wrong move. These children might not have another choice but to work for their family, and we should take that into consideration.

  • This is the wrong way to tackle the problem.

    Child labor is a horrendous practice, which is seen throughout developing countries. However, banning the import of goods made with child labor is a misguided and ineffective way to tackle the problem. If a family is in a situation where they have to send their children to work in order to make ends meet, then they have no other choice. If we then kill off companies that use child labor, then the childrens' families will have to look elsewhere for income, perhaps sending their kids to work in gangs, prostitution, human trafficking, or other far more harmful illicit activities. The solution isn't to immediately ban child labor, it is to provide the families with the means to earn a livelihood without having to send their kids to work.

  • I think it would make statement, but maybe its right.

    It may not be right, but it would mess up the world in many ways. The economy would be affected largely. But for many, and it may not be their faults, it is their only way of getting everything they need. A lot of the times it is best quality as well.

  • We should not ban

    In some countries where children are laboring, the children and their families depend on that income. We cannot take away any source of livelihood without a real plan to help those individuals and families. If we take away their work, will they for sure be able to go to school? Can we ensure them any other/better future? These questions need to be considered.

  • No, countries should not ban the import of good produced by child labor.

    No, countries should not ban the import of good created through child labor. The United States used to have child labor and it naturally phased out as the overall economy of the United States improved. I would rather see a child work in a sweatshop than as a prostitute. If those are the only options available to a child who needs to earn money to help feed their family then the family - including the child - should be involved in that decision. If we remove child labor from countries that use and value child labor it needs to be clear what altenative work is available for those children or we may be doing more harm than good in the lives of those children.

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