Countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labor: Should children be prevented from working in export-oriented industries?

  • Yes, child labor is inhumane.

    Yes, countries should ban importing goods made with child labor, and children should be prevented from working in export-oriented industries, because forcing child labor is inhumane. The children do not know anything different, and are often coerced into working in terrible conditions. Without these important laws, the children have no protection, because governments or businesses will force them to work as long as there is profit to be made.

  • It's a good thought, but...

    People in America don't really see what children are going through in other countries. They are forced to work to support their families. Producing goods in a sweatshop is a lot better than other jobs they are forced to do. Some men force their daughters into prostitution. Obviously America should advocate for better conditions, but boycotting these goods could force these children into worse situations.

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