Courtney Cash found dead from first-degree murder: Should the government increase weapons control?

  • No, do not increase weapons control.

    I do not think that Courtney Cash's death alone warrants the increase of weapons control. Increasing weapons control will make it harder for citizens to legally obtain weapons in order to defend themselves against people that choose to obtain illegal weapons. I feel that there should only be an increase on control for illegal weapons.

  • News flash !!!

    Criminals don't obey gun laws. There is no way that making more gun laws will prevent crime. Most violent crimes are committed by repeat offenders. 50% of them are committed by criminals with ten or more prior offenses. On a final note, how's the war on drugs going? I don't have to answer that for you, do I? How would a war on guns be any different. We would be better served by going after the crooks.

  • Weapons don't kill people

    People kill people. Instead of limiting the access to weapons for responsible citizens, allow those who are mentally sound to own their weapons, and bar those who are unfit or unstable from purchasing or owning firearms. Using fear to push legislation is a despicable strategy, albeit one that is commonly used. Don't enable the fear mongerers.

  • We need weapons.

    No, the government should not increase weapons in light of Courtney Cash being found dead from first-degree murder, because people will still get weapons, or they will use things other than guns to commit their crimes. Even a golf club can be a weapon. We cannot get rid of everything that can possibly be used for a weapon.

  • Stabbing is unpreventable

    There is absolutely zero legislation that could be passed to cut down on stabbing deaths. You can't outlaw knives and every other sharp object you can think of. Even if your tried, people with murderous intent would turn to blunt weapons. There needs to be some curvature on gun acceptance in a our culture, but there is nothing you can possibly do to prevent stabbing deaths.

  • Just One Case

    I believe it is wrong to suggest a change in laws based on one instance. Countney Cash was found dead from first degree murder. Weapons played a role in her death, but we don't have the full story yet. Sometimes laws simply create more criminals. Taking all weapons away is unlikely to fix the actual problem.

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