• Courtney Cox Memorable in Her Fat Suit

    Courtney Cox turned 50! Hard to believe but numbers don't lie. The popular vote is that she looked good in the fat suit, and made many laugh but its so much more than that. She has been taking over our television sets for over 3 decades starting in the 80's as Michael J. Fox's girlfriend on Family Ties and most memorably as Monica on Friends. We are very proud of her on Cougar Town and wish her the best.

  • Yes, I believe she did.

    I love friends and I think she is a very beautiful woman and I think she looked great even wearing the fat suit. She has very pretty facial features and great eyes and those shine no matter how much you weigh. I think at 50 she looks even better than she did at 20.

  • No! Not Cox!

    She is one of the best actress on television and has a creative way of making people laugh. I think she has allot of really great looks on the different shows she is in, but the fat suit one is not one of her best. I think if they did her makeup better, it would of been more realistic.

  • Not a Good Look

    Perhaps due to the fact that it was quite obviously fake, Courtney Cox did not suit the fat suit! Her face looked too puffed up, and her body was unrealistic. I'm not sure if she would sure a genuinely heavy build, but the fat suit certainly did her no favours!

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