Cousins and teammates are struggling in games: Will the Kings be able to make a comeback this season?

  • I think so

    The Kings are getting some help from their bench, and Cousins can score. He had a season high 55 points. Despite his tendency to commit T's, he's gotten pretty lucky with getting some of them overturned. They have a shot to make a comeback just as much if not more than other struggling teams.

  • The Kings just need to hit their stride.

    Despite their struggle, I think that the Kings are definitely capable of a comeback this season. They just need to hit their stride and find a rhythm as a team. They have proven themselves as a force in the last few seasons, and with a little shuffling of the lines I think they can get back on top.

  • No, the Kings probably won't make a comeback this season.

    Given the competitive nature of the NBA, it is highly unlikely that the Sacramento Kings will make a comeback this season. The team's best players, like Cousins, have been unable to play competitive in games. Unfortunately, once a team digs a hole for itself, it can be difficult to climb up out of the hole mid-season.

  • It is too late.

    It is too far into the season for the Kings to be able to make a comeback. They have individual players with skill, but that is not what makes a good team. Until the group learns to gel as a team they will continue to struggle. There is too much work to be done for the team in too short of time.

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