Covenant marriage: Are covenant marriages a good idea?

  • It protects the social institution of family

    Some people get into marriage out of impulse and some people divorce out of impulse too. Rather than allowing emotions to take over in decision-making when it comes to marriage, I believe engaged couples should attend pre-marriage counseling to know what they are getting into. This gives them more insight and preparation of the nuances and realities of married life. In a covenant marriage, a couple can only divorce if one commits adultery, felony, substance abuse and physical or sexual abuse. Therefore, couples who are wedded through a covenant marriage are more committed, responsible and will enjoy a long-lasting and stable relationship.

  • Yes, the people take it more seriously.

    Yes a covenant marriage is a good idea, because the people involved have to take their marriage more seriously. People who enter into a covenant marriage invest time in premarital counseling before they get married. They are less likely to want to get divorced from something that they have invested so much time in.

  • No, I believe that not every marriage is going to work out.

    I believe that covenant marriages are unnecessary because if people love each other, they will stay together. Limiting the reasons that someone could get out of a marriage, just hurts one or both of the parties involved. It could be very detrimental to a partner who is having a difficult time staying with the person that they are married to if things don't work out between them. Sometimes, it really is best to walk away from a relationship that is unhealthy.

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