Covenant marriage: Are covenant marriages good for the children of marriages?

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  • Covenant marriages are not necessarily good for children.

    Pre-marital counseling may help get a marriage off to a good start but it does not necessarily guarantee its success. Furthermore, the more limited divorce options of a covenant marriage may ultimately lead to unhappy people stuck in a dysfunctional marriage, which ultimately could have a negative impact on the children. For these reasons, covenant marriages are not necessarily good for children.

  • No, They May Be More Harmful

    No, they are not. Covenant marriage attempts to redefine marriage as more than a legally binding agreement, and makes it a deeper commitment. While this is admirable in theory, it may make for more instability in a family. Children need stability while growing, and if the marriage is not working, denying the dissolution because of the new definition could be harmful to the child. Rather than keeping the marriage together, it may be more beneficial to separate or get a divorce, as long as the child(ren) are receiving stability.

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