• Covid is a lie

    Covid-19 is just the flu and all the tests are predetermined to either come back positive or negative nor are the tests accurate, The media is always selective about when the covid spikes and when it doesn’t. For example when covid increased in the summer and cases got worse “refuting” trumps claim on how it will “die in the summer” even though we were still in lockdown. But when the riots happen that doesn’t spike the cases and people were not social distancing or staying locked down. Hmm suspicious? Not just that but even the current “death rate” (completely manipulated). Even if it was 100% accurate it’s still acceptable Because at this rate a depression will kill way more people than the reported deaths. Also the vaccines are fraud, The doctors have admitted that they won’t stop the spread of covid and you can still get sick. Basically defeats the entire purpose for a vaccine but that’s because the vaccine is fraud. You have all been lied to

  • The world is not in a conspiracy

    What you are saying is that the entire world is in on a conspiracy. Most countries can barely get along, But you are saying that every
    single country in the world is faking their Covid rates.
    Why would all the leaders of all the countries lie to us? Almost every
    economy in the world has had some kind of loss. The stock market
    crash in England was worse than the 2008 crash. In fact, The
    American crash came close to the Great Depression. Also, The WHO
    does not respond to hoaxes, And a conspiracy of this size would require the WHO being in on it.
    The only reason that Covid spiked in the summer is because so many people went to the beach without masks. The riots were unnoticed in the chart because the rates were climbing exponentially anyway.

    Depression may kill may people, But the only reason the amount of people committing suicide has spiked is because we are all stuck inside due to COVID. Why would the governments of the world stick all of us workers and children inside if they knew it was a hoax?

    The doctors said the the Covid vaccines were best when recieving two doses. Most people only receive one dose, Which leads to reduced potency. This means that the vaccine isn't as effective, But it still affords approximately 70% protection 1 week after. Why would all the manufacturers lie? To make money? If the government knew that it was a hoax, Then why would they need a vaccine?

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