Cowboys Beat Steelers: Is Ezekiel Elliott Rookie-of-the-Year Material?

  • Ezekiel Elliott definately Rookie of the Year material

    The Dallas Cowboy running back received numerous awards and honors while he was at Ohio State. He has also already been named NFC Rookie of the Month for October 2016. Elliott was fourth pick at the NFL draft. He has performed to the level the franchise hoped he would and is also contender for MVP Award.

  • Yes, Ezekiel Elliott could be Rookie-of-the-Year

    The running back for the Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott has made a lasting impression as a rookie and has put together a great season so far. The recent performance against the Steelers demonstrated that he was the first NFL player to reach the 1000 mark. So his chances of being Rookie of the Year are very good.

  • Sure, why not

    Ezekiel Elliott is a pretty talented and effective running back. I'm not looking at his stats compared to those of other rookies, but I don't live in Cowboy country and even I see and hear a lot of his highlights. So it's pretty safe to say he's at least in the running for rookie of the yera.

  • Rookie-of-the-year is subjective

    Ezekiel Elliot is Rookie of the year material because it sounds like he is a strong football player. Being rookie of the year material means that you have what it takes to become rookie of the year, not that you will become rookie of the year. There is still more football season to go.

  • Him and Dak are overrated

    Yes I may be biased as I dislike the cowboys but when you look at the facts, Elliot is slightly overrated and he is not the second coming of jim Brown. He has an amazing offensive line and I think that Will Fuller has had a bigger impact on his team.

  • Cowboys Offense is Simple and RBs are a dime a dozen

    The Cowboys Offense is designed to be simple as long as there is a stout O Line. Hence, Dak has taken the helm with ease even though he sucked at Miss St. I think you could stick any RB back there and they'll get the job done. Betty White could run for good numbers as long as she stayed healthy.

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