Craigslist Lawsuit over $40 printer: Should there be more laws protecting online sellers from litigation?

  • Yes, Sellers Should Be Protected

    Open source and free posting sites such as Craigslist have many disclaimers to warn potential buyers about potential seller scams. Purchasing an item off of Craigslist is done solely at the buyers discretion. This is not to dismiss that sellers should always take care to post accurate photos and descriptions of the merchandise they are marketing, however sellers should be protected against a fully fledged lawsuit over a relatively low priced item. The cost of the litigation alone greatly outweighs the price of the item in question. If a seller is consistently known to market items unfairly, the owners of the site have the right to block the seller or the buyer can "down-vote" the seller to help prevent further issues in the future.

  • People are too litigious

    People are just out to try and make a quick buck at anybody else's expense. There should be easier and less costlier ways to countersue when blatantly ridiculous lawsuits are files against honest sellers. There should be some form of public shame for them so everyone know what type of people they are.

  • Constant litigaton must stop

    We don't need laws to protect sellers on marketplaces like craigslist. We need laws that punish fools who are dissatisfied with their used good purchase and elect to sue. The only way to stop the insane litigation practices in America is to punish those who bring suit for silly or revenge reasons.

  • Sellers should know the risk.

    Selling stuff online is not the most legitimate form of buying and selling. The seller should realize this and do everything they can to mitigate any risk that comes with it, rather than point their fingers at the sites they sell on. There are also laws protecting online sellers already.

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