Crap or Hell? Which word is more acceptable to use? (vote yes on crap, No on hell)

Asked by: jaydogh
  • Both are fairly mild

    Crap is more vulgar because of the definition, But hell is definitely more profane. Personally I would rather let my kids use a vulgar word than a profane word. Fart is also a vulgar word, But that doesn't make it a bad word. There is no stronger version of hell (or other mainline swear words), But there is a stronger version of crap. Although you could make the case for screw being a cuss word, Because the stronger version of screw or frick is R-rated; the stronger version of crap is a PG-13 word.

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Dankrobot555 says2020-04-27T22:43:16.150
Honestly who gives a f***ing f**k which curse word you f***ing use? Here's an article that explains the health benefits to cursing, Yes, Cursing. Https://www. Health. Com/mind-body/benefits-of-cursing

It's a toss-up for me between Lori Anne Allison (Johnny Depp's ex-wife), And the work f**k.

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