Creationism vs. evolution in schools: Should public schools teach creationism alongside evolution in science classes?

  • Evolution is not science

    You cant argue that Creation shouldn't be taught because "it is not science." Science is not testable, observable, or repeatable. Somebody give me an example of Evolution happening today. TODAY. Not billions of years ago. Today, you don't see cats evolving into dogs. It's not observational. There is proof for creation. Observational science and genetics confirms the bible's account of kinds. It does not confirm molecules to man evolution. DNA shows evidence of intelligent design. Scientists codes only come from an intelligence, and info only comes from info. Have you ever seen a code arise from matter?
    There is something called the LAW of THERMODYNAMICS: order cannot come from chaos. Look at the sun, the moon, the waves. Day and night. ORDER. Look at how detailed and intricate our bodies are. It's unfathomable how you think our brains, eyes, everything.. Came from a bunch of cells.
    Students deserve the right to choose what to believe. Not have evolution thrown upon them. Why not teach two different classes?
    Creation and Evolution are both theories! Evolution is not science.

  • Creation Should be Taught Too

    Without a doubt, creationism should be taught alongside evolution in a respectable manner. No matter a person's feelings on creationism, they should still be taught about the idea. It's a valid idea, just like evolution is, so it absolutely belongs in an educational setting. Worse ideas could be taught in schools after all.

  • Yes it should

    Because in christian schools isn't that what they learn. THE BIBLE is all that they learn for the rest of their lives. All of the things that make up this earth are or came from god and him alone. The Evolution based theory is not correct because what created the earth and what put living objects on earth.

  • Both Creationism and Evolution Should Be Taught.

    Of course both views should be taught in schools. When there is a big controversy (many scientists on both sides) between two opposing ideas, I believe that students should be taught both sides, and they can decide which has more supporting evidence. I believe the reason most people would say no to this is because you would find many more people becoming creationists... I don't think the establishment (evolutionists) want that!

  • Evolution is a proven fact and an important topic to learn

    It's a common misconception that evolution is a theory. The word theory has two meanings: an educated guess based on evidence; and an explanation of a natural phenomenon. This use of theory is the latter, as a scientific theory is also a fact. Evolution has been proved already by DNA records, paleontology, carbon dating and other evidence. If this is such a solid subject, why isn't it taught in schools?

  • Observational versus faith

    The answer to this question is so simple.. (which attests to the reason why only Americans debate this kind of thing). As an outsider who is not affected directly by this nonsensical rational, and who is merely entertained by watching improperly-educated brainwashed intolerant Christians fight to have their religious beliefs propagated in classrooms, I'd like to take a moment to give a point of view of someone who embraces reason. First and foremost the ideas and concepts associated with evolution were devised without any alternative motives. Evolution is supported by many other disciplines (biology, genetics, etc.) which actively test its predictions and support its claim. Nobody came up with evolution as a means of disproving God. That in itself, makes it worth teaching. On the other hand, creationism is a concept completely brought on in relation to alternative motives. That being said, creationism would not be thought up in the absence of Christian religion. I'm sure there are logical inferences to be made which can support creationism, but they never hold up to scrutiny. Certain required parts are debunked time and time again (Grand Canyon) but creationist's don't seem to get it nor want to get it. These reasons alone are testament why it should not be in schools. I understand though, throwing away the bible as literal text is harder for some then punching their own mothers in the face.They just can't do it. But in the end, you can't force others to swallow your beliefs to make yourself feel better about its legitimacy. There is a correlation between the sort of people who believe in creationism and their lack of scientific understanding. That being said, there is also a correlation between creationism and hindering scientific minded people. To make it very simple, creationism has a way of breeding stupid people. But like I said at the beginning, as an outsider, this is simply entertainment at its finest.

  • Creationism is not science full stop.

    The point of education in science class is to learn science. Creationism is not science, it is science fiction filled with ridiculous hypocrises, nonsensical reason and religious propaganda void of any empirical evidence and reason. It does not deserve to be taught in schools alongside evolution, which is a peer reviewed and tested scientific theory.

  • Evolution is the only way

    Creationism should not be taught at all. There is no evidence to support it compared to evolution. We send our children to school so that they can get the best education available and to prepare them for their lives in the real world. If we teach creationism how can we say that we prepared our kids at all.

  • Creationism in science classes?

    I'm sure most religious people choose not to accept the facts but the main idea is this. Creationism is based on a God creating living things. That itself proves to be non-scientific. There is no scientific prove or study of any deity, therefore creationism is out. The theory that best explains the facts is still evolution. Sorry, maybe creationism club is more appropriate?

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  • Jesus is wrong

    Jesus is wrong. His beliefs can all be countered with simple science! He was just a well-meaning person who wanted to spread useful wisdom for ancient times, so people would thrive. Sadly, now his work is useless, as times have changed a lot. This bickering is caused, because he made up a rumor, to prevent people from sitting there, and wondering about useless things

  • Separation of Church and State

    Teaching kids who are of religions who don't belive in creatonism, or kids who aren't religious about creationism is wrong. There can be no endorsment of religious concepts in schools. Soon, kids will be required to learn stuff from the BIble and Quran, which are now two outdated religious textbooks. Then, creationism isn't a fact. It was just some well-meaning person's way of making people not wonder about things with no impact on society, and work to make a living. Evolution is a fact, religious nutheads. The peppered moth used to be mostly pale. As being pale was a good adaptation, but after the Industrial revolution, black ones became common, as they could blend in with the soot-stained walls, and tree trunks. This is an example of natural selection, the mechanism of evolution. Also, there is WAAYY more evidence on evolution, and there are no working counterclaims, and all tests to destroy it have failed. Your silly life was created in 4000 BC is wrong. Take that, religious nuts!

  • The scientific community overwhelmingly supports evolution

    98% of scientists support the theory of evolution. What many people don't understand is that there is no real controversy. In the scientific world, creationism v.S. Evolution is not an issue. In fact, almost every branch of science disproves creationism. Everything from astronomy to geology to biology. We should teach our children real, proven science, not 2,000 year old psuedosceince.

  • No. Just no.

    As far as I know, creationism is not supported by facts. In the case of the bible, is it really a credible source? It's n-years old and it's been translated through multiple languages. Who is to say it hasn't been altered through every single instance of it being transcribed? I'm not saying creationism isn't true; it just doesn't have as many supporting details behind it. I'm athiest, so I'm probably biased.

    Science, however, has supporting facts. Research is used to find facts if there isn't any. I'm not saying evolution is true, but there are more supporting factors about it, more credible sources, more research, etc etc.

    I don't agree that public schools should teach creationism. I would not like my children being taught creationism.

  • Definition of Theory

    If anyone dismisses evolution as "just an idea...It's only a theory", that is just incorrect. In science Theory is as close a fact as we can figure can observe without knowing for certain. There is no evidence against evolution. Creationism cannot be taught as a legitimate explanation of existence (there is another theory that rejects spontaneous generation). Creationism can only be taught in a historical perspective of what people believed once, not as a possible truth.

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