Creationist Schools Should Be Teaching That Birds Are Dinosaurs, Because It Is Factual, They Have No Excuse Not To:

Asked by: Sagey
  • Birds are of the Dinosauria Taxonomy, Thus Creationist Schools are Denying Their Students Honest Truth If They Don't Teach That Birds are Dinosaurs.

    The huge variety of Feathered Dinosaurs found recently demonstrate that Birds are the Evolutionary product of those Feathered Dinosaurs, evolution has taken away their teeth and tail, but genetically they are still complete Dinosaurs in their genome. Such as they now consider that the Pelican is a closer relative of the T-Rex than many of the other extinct dinosaurs were.
    A denial of truth to their students is demonstrating that they are delivering an extremely poor and totally biased education to the children.
    They are depriving the children of knowledge to keep them indoctrinated into lies and dis-information.
    So such demonstrably factual knowledge should be available to all students, regardless of religious bias. Though it will be unlikely that Answers-in-Genesis's home school groups will be told to teach this, as they are still in Denial of all Truth in Science.
    I fell sorry for those home schooled children with their Totally Retarded Education from AiG.

  • If its part of the curriculum then they have to.

    If its part of the curriculum then they have to. There really is no reason as to why a school should be teaching what is contradictory to the curriculum, all it proves is that the school is desperate and needs to use scam tactics to teach or enforce their religion and/or cult.

  • Technically, Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs

    It's important to be scientifically accurate here-- birds are not technically dinosaurs any more than humans are still Australopithecines. Birds are ancestors of the Theropods, but they are not technically dinosaurs. The way you ask a survey question can significantly skew the results. A scientist would never say that a bird is actually a dinosaur.

  • Follow the exam board.

    Schools should teach what the public examination requires - no more, no less. Religious background should not affect what students are taught in any way unless they want their students to lose their battle against schools who teach properly. If the students will be tested on evolution as fact in their public exams, then go ahead, teach it as fact. If evolution is not in the syllabus, then just pretend evolution doesn't exist. (Where I live, the majority of the religious schools are under government subsidy. That is a good thing, because schools have even fewer excuses to exclude such things as evolution.)

  • Lol lol lol!

    You people crack me up. You really do. First of all, it's not a fact. It's a theory. Actually, it doesn't even qualify as a theory. Call it a hypothesis. There is absolutely no factual evidence for it. That would be like me saying that there is a God because the Bible says so. I would actually have a better argument because the Bible is an actual historical record. So, no. Evolution is not a fact. You can say it until you're blue in the face, but it won't change the facts.

  • Birds are not dinosaurs

    They should not teach they are dinosaurs because they aren't. It is like saying we are Australopithecuses,we should rather create a limit for what is a dinosaur and what is a bird,and teach them that birds evolved from certain dinosaurs.If we teach to them that birds are dinosaurs ,creationists will use the same logic to say we are monkeys.Creationist already use misconceptions like saying that "humans evolved from monkeys" to argument,saying that would generate even more misconceptions for them to use while pretending they don't understand.

  • Birds are not dinosaurs

    While I fully support the idea of this argument, I cannot agree due to the fact that it says that birds are dinosaurs. Now I do know that they have common ancestors and/or dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern birds, they are not the same. They should be teaching topics and facts along the same premises because it is indeed a fact and depriving anybody of any knowledge is extremely unethical, regardless of what's being taught where.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-07-25T11:13:32.423
There should be no such thing as a creationist (or evolutionist) school in the first place. They should follow the exam board.
Sagey says2014-07-25T13:16:40.553
So True Diqiucun_Cunmin, you are definitely right, education should be about knowledge, not biases.
Sagey says2014-07-26T02:12:08.167
I notice that some Pro-Creation remarks are being made by idiots that have no understanding of how science works at all. They evidently failed the subject and possibly don't have the Intelligence to comprehend science. Because they don't understand Science, is no excuse to attack it. Such are the average Creationist. They attack Science because they don't have the knowledge nor Intelligence to understand how science actually works. Thus they are all arguing from complete Ignorance.
Sagey says2014-08-16T07:58:47.400
Birds come under the Taxonomic Clade of Aves, which is a Subset (Sub-Clade) of Dinosauria or Dinosaurs. So Creationist Schools should teach this if they want to teach science properly.
Sagey says2014-08-16T08:00:17.540
Birds like the Pelican are a closer relative to T-Rex than the Triceratops.
Sagey says2014-08-16T08:02:34.230
Dinosaurs of a Feather stick Together.