Crime cameras: Are broken crime cameras a significant problem?

  • Cameras that do not work are useless

    Yes, I believe that broken crime cameras are an issue. If you are going to have a camera watching the public, the least it could do is work. There have been many cases where crimes have been committed and when the footage of the camera is requested, it is noted that it really doesn't work. I think non-functioning cameras give a false sense of security and should be removed if they are not on the list to be fixed.

  • Broken cameras are a problem.

    Anytime that a camera used to prevent crim eis broken and unable to function it leaves the owner of the camera and everywhere that it monitors completely at risk. So, yes, I believe that broken crime cameras are a serious problem and one that needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

  • Broken crime cameras are a significant problem.

    Broken crime cameras are a significant problem. They should be fixed otherwise they can not do any good when a crime happens. If a criminal knows that the cameras are broken then they are more likely to do something dangerous without the possibility of them being caught. I think they should be fixed.

  • Crime cameras provide the best evidence

    Crime cameras should always be functioning in order to reduce crime and punish those responsible for crime. There is no excuse for these cameras to be broken for any significant period of time, certainly not more than a day. If a city doesn't maintain it's crime cameras, those in charge should be fired. Broken crime cameras support crime.

  • Of course they are


    This is definitely a major problem! I am pretty sure that nobody (except maybe the criminals themselves) wants to have something happen....Any type of crime, whether it be in their neighborhood, a store that they go to, or anything.... And have the camera that should have caught the criminal in the act of the crime be broken....USELESS

  • Broken crime cameras are not a significant problem.

    Broken crime cameras are not a significant problem because they still serve their primary purpose of preventing crimes. Even if a camera is broken, it can still serve as a deterrent. Criminals will be less likely to commit a crime if they believe they are being watched by a camera.

  • Crime Cameras Tend to Work

    In most cases, crime cameras are working and ready to go at all times. This includes traffic light cameras, crime scene cameras, and other devices. These devices are regularly serviced to ensure that they're in optimal condition. With that in mind, we don't need to worry about these devices today.

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