Crime cameras: Are cameras a good idea for public places (yes) or an invasion of privacy (no)?

  • Security cameras are a good idea

    Security cameras are supose to be here to keep you safe there is nothing to be afraid of. There not here to invade you there here to keep you safe. If we had no cameras in this school they wouldn't be able to edentify the person quicker if we had a lock down.

  • Yes, cameras are a good idea for public places.

    Yes, cameras are a good idea for public places. Cameras in public places are a good thing because they can help solve crimes with no eye witnesses. The UK has cameras all over their cities and towns and they have proven to be not only helpful in solving crimes but also as a deterrence in crimes.

  • Expect to Be Video Monitored in Public

    Cameras are good ideas in public places and aren't violations of privacy because they exist in a public place. These cameras aren't in your living room, they are in parks, ball fields, malls, government buildings, schools and the like. Crime cameras and even surveillance cameras are good ideas in public to keep us safer and give authorities the ability to find criminals if someone is dumb enough to perpetrate a crime while on camera.

  • Cameras are a good idea for public places.

    Crime cameras are a good way to keep us safe. Not only do they help to catch and prosecute people who have committed crimes, but their presence also deters criminals from acting in the future. It is necessary to give us some privacy in order for all of us to be safe.

  • Cameras Are Fine For Public Places

    Yes, the installation of cameras is fine for public places and is not an invasion of privacy. In public, one does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, thus, the installation of a camera does not violate the right to privacy. Indeed, such camera installations may prove to save lives and protect the public.

  • Yes, they are effective.

    Yes, cameras are a good idea for public places, because they are very effective. Cameras do a good job as a traffic control mechanism. Cameras can also solve serious crimes. People who go out in public will know that the cameras are there, and it is only legal in public spaces, so it is not an invasion of privacy.

  • Yes, public places are obviously already not private and cameras can help deter crimes.

    In public places people should not assume total privacy of everything they do. Even without cameras, people can observed simply with human eyes. Privacy is important but should not expected in totality in public places. Crime cameras have and will help to catch criminals, and also provide important details as to how crimes were committed.

  • We should do anything we dont want others to see

    In my experience its those that have something to hide that are worried about being seen. I feel that if some know that they are being watched they are less likely to commit a crime that they would if they thought they could get away with it. In addition to that Cameras also help protect innocent ones if a crime is commeted because they then have proof.

  • No Is Unreasonable.

    1) The word privacy implies that a person is in private. In this situation they are not, and to be out and public and demand complete privacy is not logical.
    2) When you go out on the streets there are people that see you, these are the people on the streets with you. Adding a camera that sees you can't add a significant number of people who see you.
    3) If you're not doing anything wrong, you should have nothing to hide, and so shouldn't mind the cameras which are in place to protect the people.

  • How is it invasion of privacy if in public?

    "Privacy in public" is an oxymoron. If you want to be private, stay home. It is no different than people seeing you in public.

    Cameras help the police know who did the crime. They also serve as a deterrent. Why run a red light when there is a camera that will catch you? No violation of First Amendment rights here.

  • Good idea but no.

    I am glad they are taking our safety seriously and doing what they can but there will always be those occasions where something gets leaked (it could be anything, even something like falling over nothing and looking like an idiot) and affects you negatively. Just because you're in public it does not give people the right to zone right in on your personal space and listen to what you are saying or whispering to your friend next to you. I don't even like the idea of allowing people to take photos of people in public WITHOUT getting their permission first. Its just rude. Disrespectful. It doesn't matter what reason they have. If they don't want their photo taken, or don't want to be on video, then you should not force it to happen. Humans were here before cameras, roads, parks, streets, etc. If anything, this so called democratic government should be asking my permission to use these cameras in public.

  • Invasion of privacy

    Businesses should be able to put security cameras inside of their own buildings to protect their interests, but in public, people should have the right to walk free without fear of being watched. There's an ugly streak of voyeurism and paranoia involved in setting up CCTVs or other types of public surveillance and no civilized country should be putting their citizens under a microscope.

  • This could lead to exploitation, open-access cameras are the only acceptable ones

    Open-access, 24/7 to anyone and anybody who wants it on the internet is the only way to prevent the abuse of this technology.

    Otherwise privileged companies and privileged individuals will get access to the research data that can be gleamed from the cameras to predict people's habits and game the market.

    Open-access will guarantee the public will be able to access this and at first some smart (and hence deserving) people will have an edge watching these cameras and observing and then someone will write a paper for college and then people will be able to read the data and make market judgments that way.

    And then someone can write a paper on how people doing that in turn effected the economy again.

    Maybe someday I will see this post in the news or cited in an academic paper.

    Yes I know this isn't about privacy but there seems to be a hidden assumption that just because the concern isn't privacy that these things are automatically good.

    Another reason why it should be open access 24/7 is it eliminates the ability of police officers to abuse power.

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