Crime cameras: Are crime cameras consistent with civil liberties?

  • Crime Cameras Fine With Civil Liberties

    The average crime camera is used to catch people committing crimes. This includes traffic lights along with cameras attached to police cruisers. These cameras don't strike down our civil liberties, and people need to realize this fact. In the end, civil liberties are sometimes protected by these crime cameras today.

  • Crime cameras do not infringe on civil liberties

    Crime cameras create responsibility for the civilian and the law enforcement personal. Crime cameras on the law enforcement personal make that person ever aware of what they are doing and how it would be interpreted by the courts. Crime cameras used for traffic or other uses allow the customer to take responsibility for themselves and their actions by informing them there is a silent witness to everything they do.

  • Crime cameras are consistent with civil liberties.

    Crime cameras are consistent with civil liberties. This is because of the fact that crime cameras are only able to be placed in public areas, or privately if the property is that of the owners. This is perfectly in line with civil liberties as they are not placed upon unowned private grounds.

  • Crime cameras are consistent with civil liberties.

    Crime cameras can be used in public places to record evidence of crimes. This is no different from a police officer patrolling a public area, except cameras are a lot more efficient. Cameras also make people feel safer, and make criminals fear for their safety. Anything that makes criminals scared must be good for soceiety.

  • Crime Cameras Pose No Loss of Freedom

    It is my opinion that cameras mounted to deter crime are no danger to our personal freedoms. Many such cameras are already in effect, in convenience stores, banks, offices, on traffic lights, and many other places. Establishments that employ cameras are able to provide a safer environment for their users. Cameras aid our justice system in providing identities to wrongdoers. Law enforcement can use the information provided by cameras to quicker bring the perpetrators to justice.

  • Why is there no privacy

    I understand the appeal of having cameras to help capture or deter crime and that they even might be helpful. However, we cannot trade our privacy for temporary relief and feeling safer. These cameras capture everything and essentially create a police state where you can't get away from the government.

  • Crime cameras are not consistent with civil liberties.

    Crime cameras are not consistent with civil liberties.People are entitled to certain rights whether they are in public or not.Public officials will need to find other ways to protect the public safety because people need to be able to feel they can explore their surroundings without big brother watching them.

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