Crime cameras: Are crime cameras helpful in fighting crime?

  • Yes, cameras are helpful for fighting with criminals.

    It supports lively evidences without perpetrator's argument and save more time for investigation process. In my country, for example, thank yor cameras, a construction worker records a case in this, a kindergarden teacher abuse her students. Right after the clip reported to the police station, the teacher was arrested. Therefore, Cameras are a useful tool for fighting crime.

  • Crime cameras fight crime

    Crime cameras are helpful in fighting crime. This is because cameras can catch criminals during the act of committing a crime. Crime cameras also act as a deterrent for crime as people who look for them when they're about to commit a crime will likely turn around and not follow through with their plans.

  • They Catch Perpetrators on Camera

    In order to get a conviction, there must be a positive identification of suspects. Crime cameras are the easiest way to do so in today's society. Witnesses can be misled by similar suspects who look the same. However, cameras are the only definitive way to prove someone was at a location at a specific time during the crime.

  • Crime cameras are helpful in fighting crime.

    Crime cameras are helpful in fighting crime. Anything that gives a view as to what happened at the crime should help the police. I think the public understands that anything they set out to do these days will at some point appear on camera. I think it is time we start to use this technology.

  • Yes they can be.

    Cameras can be very helpful in fighting crime because it allows the police to check the people who have done something wrong and have an easier time finding them. That will give them a way to get a description on the subject and at times even deters people from committing the crime in the first place.

  • One Crime Solved is a Success

    Yes crime cameras are helpful in solving crime. They have helped identify criminals in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Any time a crime is solved by a camera they are helping and this has already occurred numerous times in life. The next victim it could help could be you so they are beneficial.

  • Cameras are another tool that law enforcement can use to fight crime.

    Police cannot be everywhere all of the time. The use of crime cameras in areas where crimes are likely to occur because people gather and attract criminal elements is a deterrent to crime. Criminals do not want to be in view when they are perpetrating a crime. So the knowledge that there are cameras in the area will reduce the rate of crimes.

  • No, because they are hazerdous

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  • No, because they're not well publicized.

    I think that cameras that have been set up to deter crime are probably better at helping law enforcement find the perpetrators of crimes, and that in itself is a good thing. Perhaps the presence of such cameras and the punishment for doing criminal activity needs to be more widely advertised in the area the camera serves in order to deter crime.

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