Crime cameras: Do cameras create a sense of safety?

  • Yes they do

    I think that cameras create a sense of security within people. I think that because there are many cameras around, people feel more safe. They feel that a crime will not be committed because the camera could catch the person. This is a false sense of security because it really makes no difference if there are cameras around. But people do FEEL more safe.

  • Crime Cameras Prevent Criminals from Acting

    Surveillance cameras are everywhere and they act as a preventive measure to keep criminals from acting. Cameras mean criminals will be identified and caught eventually. Anyone who perpetrates a crime now is foolhardy with all of the video surveillance, cell phone cameras and eyewitnesses in contemporary society. Cameras do provide a sense of safety because only the most desperate criminals would act in front of them.

  • Yes they do.

    Cameras do create a certain sense of safety and does help to stray away some people who would mean to do a crime or something against the law. It makes people think twice because they believe they will get caught and do not want to end up getting arrested or sent to jail.

  • Cameras create a sense of safety.

    Cameras create a sense of safety regardless of whether the person is safer or not. This has been proven in studies where mock cameras are put up. People are much less likely to commit crimes if they believe a camera to be real. This is why cameras create a sense of safety.

  • Cameras do create a sense of safety.

    Many people wish that camera were out of their lives because they seem much too invasive in daily activity. However, cameras allow criminals to be brought to justice. When bad things happen, like a burglary or vandalism, there is now a permanent recording of these criminals in the act, so they can be brought to justice.

  • Yes I do think cameras create a sense of safety.

    I think that people are less likely to do illegal things with cameras installed. I think a lot of people would be discouraged from breaking the laws if they knew they were being watched and if there was a high possibility of them being seen and caught in the act of committing a crime.

  • Cameras give no safety

    No a camera does not give anyone a sense of security. 9 times out of 10 no one even notices the cameras. A camera may help to solve a crime after it has been committed but it is not really useful in helping people to keep safe in the world.

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