Crime cameras: Do crime cameras help deter crime?

  • Yes, cameras help

    Yes, crime cameras help to deter crime because they increase the fear of getting caught. This is often the only reason that can stop crime. If criminals know they can easily get away with something, they'll do it. But if there are cameras in a certain place, they know they are far more likely to be found and arrested.

  • Cameras stop crimes.

    I know for a fact t hat cameras in stores help deter people from committing crime. The biggest reason people don't commit crime is not because of their morals, but because they are afraid of getting caught. Cameras are a physical embodiment of that fear of getting caught at the crime.

  • Crime cameras help deter crime.

    Camera set up to deter crime have a positive effect. People will be less likely to commit a crime if they know they are being watched by a security camera. Furthermore, cameras can help to catch criminals who have committed crimes in the past, and it can help to keep them off the streets.

  • Crime cameras help

    Crime Cameras help deter crime. This is because of the fact that many people have been recorded in the process of beginning to commit a crime. These people tend to search for a camera so that they know they aren't recorded. Many of these people will flee, and fail to commit the crime upon seeing a crime camera.

  • Crime cameras can be helpfull.

    Crime cameras are good safety device and can really help bring down crimes. Cameras would scare criminals from getting caught therefore they would think twice before acting. Also they would be good source to track down criminals. Cameras around srimes scene is a big help to detectives to find out what really happend during the crime.

  • Yes, crime cameras watch people which makes them less likely to do crime.

    It's a fact that people are less likely to do things they know are frowned in society if they know they are being watched or could be being watched. Even in the case of a criminal who decides to do crime anyway knowing there is a camera watching, other potential criminals could see the news and realize that the camera helped identify the criminal.

  • It helps after, but it does not deter

    No, I do not believe that crime cameras deter crime. It can be seen on television almost daily where people are videoed committing crimes. In some cases the perpetrator looks into the camera giving a even better view of his or her face. The camera, sometimes, is covered or even destroyed before it is able to catch a glimpse of the criminal, so they know that it is there and still commit the crime anyway. Again I think they help solve crimes if they are still intact, but they do not deter most criminals.

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