Crime cameras: Do crime cameras merely shift crime?

  • No such thing as a deterrent

    Fear is not a deterrent, and fear of cameras will not be a deterrent for criminals so much as it will make them more clever and more aware of their surroundings. Criminals often are a reaction to desperate times and desperate measures, and there needs to be more done at the social level to prevent these things from happening.

  • There Is A Potential

    I believe there is a potential that crime cameras can simply shift crime. I believe if a person wants to commit a crime, they may be able to commit that crime at several different locations. Since security cameras are generally well documented, a criminal may skip one business and go to another because they cameras. Although, at the same time, if a person has a problem with a specific location they may not be willing to do anything because of the cameras, yet disinterested in committing the crime elsewhere. In this case the camera doesn't shift the crime, it eliminates it.

  • Crime cameras do not prevent crime.

    Crime cameras are not going to prevent crime. Cameras will prevent the crime from taking place when someone realizes they are being recorded, however, it is just a deterrent and those same people will go elsewhere. A person is going to commit crime where they believe they are least likely to get caught.

  • Crime camera's deter some amount of crime

    While it may shift the location of some crimes, they do catch real spur of the moment crimes, and must deter some amount of it. If a road is well lit, with crime cameras on it, a purse snatcher or car jacker would have to think twice about doing what they were planning on doing.

  • no not necessarily

    No I do not think that crime cameras merely shift crime from one place to another. Not necessarily at least. I think that sometimes the crime scene will change because the perpetrators realize there are surveillance cameras and they move to a place that does not have cameras. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the camera is there and it still captures the crime.

  • No, crime cameras do not shift crime.

    Crime cameras are a crime deterrent. They make an individual think twice about committing a crime. This is especially true for criminals that do not know where all of the cameras are. Sometimes the fear of being caught is the only thing keeping the criminals at bay. Most of them have no morals.

  • Cameras Make Criminals Easier to Catch

    Crime cameras don't shift crimes, they make criminals easier to catch. No one in their right mind should commit crimes in banks or convenience stores with security cameras everywhere. Even cell phones have video cameras that catch criminals in the act. Getting away with a burglary or robbery in view of other people is even harder today with the number of video cameras in our contemporary society.

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