• When you ask this question...

    Who are you refering to ? The people of Mexico? The government?
    I'm sure the people in Mexico would love a more safe and protected country. And to think otherwise, to me sounds completely ridiculous.

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  • No, Mexico does not care about its crime rate.

    The Mexican government does not seem to care that much about its out-of-control crime rate. Unfortunately, gang violence in Mexico has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. This violence has dampened the Mexican tourism industry as many Americans are too scared to visit the dangerous country. The Mexican government has not done a lot to combat its crime rate.

  • Yes, Mexico cares about its crime rate.

    I think every country is concerned about its crime rate, as they should be. Although it may not look like they do anything to lower the crime rate or correct crime problems, I'm sure that they do. Just because you make laws that would lead the crime rate to fall, does not mean people are going to abide by them. If people choose to commit crimes, then they will.

  • They need to do more.

    I think that Mexico does care about its crime rate, but I don't believe that they care enough or are doing enough about it. I believe the government is only focusing on tourist-prone areas instead of caring about their own citizens. Sadly, it is all about money instead of safety.

  • No, curruption has allowed crime to thrive.

    Mexico does not care about its crime rate which is on the rise each and every day. The cartels have penetrated in all government institution mandated to fight crime. Police are being bribed to look away while judges have become cheap and are being bought from right and center. Mexico was sold out long time ago.

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