Crimes against endangered animals should be sentenced like crimes against human beings

Asked by: legnaicilef
  • Because animals have feelings just like humans.

    Animals can not just get killed and not care, but animals do care why don't you ask yourself should humans be treated just like humans and should humans not care about what animals do to them.Why cant all animals be living in peace,but animals also does stuff that humans cant.

  • Yes I totally agree

    In fact any crime against animals should result in punishment.Humans who are despicable,loathsome and contemptible enough to inflict any harm to animals would also do the same to a human.It is best for us to punish these people to protect ourselves.You never know these people may be insane or satanic in nature...

  • It shouldn't matter whether the animal is endangered or not.

    Anyone who is vicious enough to enact pain and suffering upon an animal for their own entertainment has sociopathic tendencies, and needs to be punished how they would enact that kind of behavior on a human being. This is of course, without getting into how insulting it is to the lively hood of these animals basically being considered cheaper.

  • Any crime against any animal should be treated seriously.

    If an innocent person or animal of any kind is harmed in any way other than self defense, the aggressor should suffer consequences as if he were harm another human being. We're all animals, we don't have any higher power over other just because we have some more advances traits.

  • Yes, it should be the same.

    With the Earth as messed up as it is right now, I think the need to protect these animals, especially for generations in the future, s quite dire. I would have loved to see a dodo bird or Galapagos tortoise. It's a shame, really, and the people who kill these animals- on purpose- need to feel the heat.

  • Animals are not important

    Animals have no soul, they only are things we eat and domesticate. They are nothing more than that. Animals can´t feel, they are inferior, they only are there for nothing. So, crimes against animals shouldn´t be sentenced as crimes against humans beings. It isn´t fair. Animals are not humans, so, why we are worried about them?

  • Animals and humans

    Animals don't have the same level as us! They don't have the same value as humans, I mean, they cant do important things humans already developed. We also don't depend of them, you can say that they are our food but that's not true, we can eat another things. Ok, crimes against them should be sentenced but not as human crimes.

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