Criminalization of Holocaust denial: Is criminalization of holocaust denial consistent with free speech?

  • If Holocaust deniers are not taken seriously, where is the threat?

    Tabloid magazines can post as many pictures of Obama talking to a woman and claim he is cheating on her when this is not the reality. The Onion can write about beanie babies holding spider eggs, and get no lawsuit from the Beanie Baby company. While Holocaust denial is taken very seriously by those who believe in it, it is similar to parody in that an educated third party knows what is reality, and what is conspiracy. While it is disrespectful, Holocaust denial does not directly threaten anyone or provoke lawlessness (as hate speech, which is not protected, does), and does not need to be criminalized for this reason. Most people know the falsehood of such a conspiracy, so such a statement can be treated just as US Weekly’s latest headline.

  • Holocaust deniers should be charged with hate speech not begging for their freedom of speech.

    The whole of recorded and accepted history of Europe and the world during ww2. And free speech? Free speech is a right yes, so is condemning those who participate in hate speech.... Which is what most of the arguments of these holocaust deniers consist of. Give respect to people.... I don't care if you don't agree with their religion, race, or values.... Oh and it's a more laughable conspiracy than anything else I've ever heard of. Give up on this most disgusting train of thought.

  • Criminalization of holocaust denial is not consistent with free speech.

    According to the first amendment, freedom of speech is allowed, no matter how outrageous. Holocaust denial is offensive and incorrect, but it is protected by the first amendment. Rational people will not listen to Holocaust deniers, but we need to protect the freedom of anyone to deny it if they want to.

  • Criminalization of Holocaust denial is a violation of the principles of free speech.

    Free speech means all citizens have the right to peacefully voice an opinion, no matter how odious it may be considered by their fellow citizens, without having to fear sanctions from the government. Laws that outlaw questioning any or all aspects of the Holocaust are clearly a violation of this right. In a democracy all should have a right to question and debate even the most sacred held truths of a society.

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