Criminals women should get softer punishment ! Yes or No

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  • What the hell?

    No! This is both benevolent sexism towards women and crazy secist towards men. It treats women like delicate, stupid flowers who don know what their innocent little selves are doing and, oh yeah, it dissproportionatly inprisons men just for being male which is beyond insane. I almost wonder if this question is meant to be serious.

  • No no no

    LAW would become discriminatory towards men. Judges can already take into consideration circumstance
    . Should criminals women be punished? Yes. Should criminals men be punished? Yes.
    Criminals must be punished appropriately, educated about the consequences of their actions, and rehabilitated effectively. Now that's what I call a Criminal Justice System.

  • Women want equality for everything except prison.

    Women argues equal rights and then go back to do the girlie things they do. Why should it be any different for prison for women. Women want equal rights to their male counterparts and so should receive the same sentence as men. Women are about to get away with so much. Even murder in about 500 years. Men should have the same equal rights to women and not receive custodial sentence under 12 months for petty crime. Same rights as women. Equality.

  • Why the hell is there a question like this?

    If a man commits murder, he is sent to prison for a long time, and the person who got murdered is still dead. If a woman were to commit the same degree of murder, wouldn't the murdered person still be dead? What i am trying to say is that if the end result was the same, the Murderer should be punished the same way.

    But, like Mark81 stated, Children should be treated differently. The judgement part of their brain has not fully developed. I'm talking about for not as bad crimes e.g. theft, soft drugs, and stuff like that. Murder is a bit different but still, I think that you get my point.

  • Women and men are equal

    No women and men are equal. Lower punishments for women would be discrimination towards men. It doesn't matter if a crime is committed by a man or woman.

    The circumstances why a crime is committed is important. If a crime is committed by a child, its different. Children get lower punishment as adults.

  • What king of question is this

    Women always say we are being sexist towards them. This is much worse THAN than sexism in the past this basically treats them as if the are The British soldiers in the colonies, they treat them as if they are superior to others. Really this is indisputable this is extremely sexist an against our constitutional rights.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-01-26T02:04:27.150
I'd say it's more if an 'it depends'. For pregnant women or women with newborn babies, then yes. For women who are repeat offenders, certainly not.