Cristian Ronaldo, Portugese forward: Is Ronaldo the MVP of the World Cup?

  • Worthy of The Title

    Even if he's not your personal favorite, you have to admit that his performance has been spectacular throughout the World Cup. There may have been points where someone out performed him in a particular area but his overall performance have been MVP worthy. I can't think of anyone else that deserves the title more.

  • No, Lionel Messi is the better player

    Cristian Ronaldo is not the true MVP of the World Cup this
    year, because Lionel Messi is. Captain of the Argentina team, Messi was solely responsible
    for his team’s victory over Iran. He put Argentina in the final 16 with a
    splendid curling strike that snatched a 1-0 victory over the rugged and
    talented Iranians. Messi gets a bigger paycheck than Ronaldo, and with reason.
    As the best player, he deserves the most money, and the MVP trophy.

  • They lost to Germany.

    While Cristian Ronaldo has done a great job so far in the World Cup, I do not think that he is the MVP of the World Cup, because Portugal lost to Germany, 4-0. He is a very highly paid athlete and a star, but with their loss to Germany, I'd be surprised if Portugal ends up winning.

  • How can any one player be the MVP?

    The world cup has many teams player and each of them are exhibiting some excellent players. How can any one player from any one country be the most valuable player of the world cup? How do you quantify that? As yes, the world cup has not come to its conclusion, so we would have to wait until all of the matches have been played to find out which player has performed the best overall.

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