• Spotlight deserves that Best Picture statue

    I think it's great that Spotlight won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Picture. The other nominates weren't as good and profound as Spotlight. They were rehashed old movies redone with today's technology today or less important and profound movies than Spotlight. I hope it wins more statues and continues to be that good.

  • Yes, Spotlight is a courageous film about an important issue.

    Yes, Spotlight does deserve to win Best Picture. Spotlight touches on an extremely controversial topic, however, one that needs to be exposed and addressed, which Spotlight does. It is not easy to approach topics that have to due with violence against children and religion, but that doesn’t mean films shouldn’t, or that such films shouldn’t be rewarded, they should. By given Best picture to Spotlight, more people will become alerted to the ongoing issues that the film focuses on and the problem will be less stigmatized. Therefor, Spotlight should win Best Picture.

  • No, Spotlight wasn't the best movie of the year

    I love Spotlight, I have seen it twice, and Michael Keaton is one of my all-time favorite actors, however, I think Mad Max: Fury Road was clearly the best movie of the year. The directing, acting and script are all perfect, and the fact that it is a sequel is an achievement in and of itself given how seldom sequels are able to hold up to what came before.

  • Much better movies around

    There were much better options for Best Picture at the Critics' Choice Awards. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max Fury Road, or The Revenant, for example. Alas, like every year, the Critics' Choice Awards results are not capable of pleasing everyone. Spotlight was no where near the best film of the year.

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