Critics laugh at Donald Trump: Is Trump going to be the best President ever?

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  • Donald Trump Not Up To Snuff

    Donald Trump has won the Presidency of the US. Will he be the best President ever? The answer is No. First, he is highly unqualified and underprepared for the job. Second, he takes the seriousness of the duties with a grain of salt and sees them as 'bothersome', such as daily intelligence briefings and his Cabinet is compromised of a collection of self-serving individuals who have little or no experience in the fields that they have been assigned to. Lastly, he is the figurehead of racism, misogyny, corruption and a moral debasement and has left millions of American's shocked and upset that someone who lacks the class and elegance of many former presidents, could be elected to lead this country. His Presidency will lead the US to dire circumstances, the likes that we haven't seen since the Great Depression.

  • No, Trump will be the worst President ever

    Donald Trump does not have the experience, the qualifications nor the temperament to be President of the United States. Already through his Twitter feed he has disrespected countries, bullied the press and private citizens, and has displayed his complete lack of knowledge of the constitution and the governing process. No, Donald Trump will not be the best President ever.

  • He's going to be a disaster.

    President Trump is neither temperamentally suited to the office of president nor qualified for the role. His staggering ignorance about topics both domestic and foreign will ensure that he will not be able to formulate effective policies. In addition to that, his mental fragility and his tendency to lash out at private citizens will result in despotic decision making.

  • It's a scary time for America

    While I would like to be proven wrong, I do not think that America will leave the Trump presidency unscathed. He has already caused problems regarding international relations with China, and he has yet to take office. Trump is a celebrity figure, not a politician, and I think he's about to turn America into his stage.

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