Crying Babies on Planes, Why not Adult only flights?

  • Argument is not whether or not to ban children from planes, that is not fair. Why cant airlines offer adult only flights?

    I would really like to see airlines offer adult only flights. To be clear, I don't believe airlines should ban children from specific routes at certain times, only that they offer additional flights (even at a premium) that are child free.
    If you fly a bit, an example is for business, you might understand that plane time can be work time. Long hall flights can be rendered useless by a shit parent and their shitter kid.
    Sound like common sense to me

  • How do you suppose people travel with babies?

    And if you say "leave them at home", that's ridiculous. It simply doesn't make sense. Babies are part of the family, and you can't just make adult only flights. I completely understand that babies can be a disturbance; I travel on long haul flight multiple times a year. It makes complete sense why one would want to have adult only flights, but it just doesn't work. Another issue is, who is an adult and who is a chid? Different airlines have their age restrictions set at different ages. So what happens if a family goes on a flight where the adult minimum age is 13, and they have a 13 year old and a 10 year old. How is that supposed to work? Because the 10 year old is technically a child in that case. So having adult only flight is a huge problem, not just because of the conveniency of the families with babies, but also because, not all children on the flight are babies.
    Thanks for reading.

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