• Baseball is a superstition sport!!

    Curses and superstitions may not be real in every day life, but when it comes to baseball, they are 100% real. From blessing your bat, to burying a broken one. A lucky coin in your pocket to leaving the top button unbuttoned. Rally caps to the curse of Murphy the Goat.

  • For 108 years

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  • Doesn't matter now, does it?

    Cubs win and in a pretty epic way. I'm a Cardinals fan, so a bit conflicted about that, but even if the curse of the goat was real, it's over now. Anyway the curse's power came from a belief in it's validity, and since the Cubs won, I'd bet it's not going to be a factor anymore.

  • It worked for 108 years.

    Yes, the curse of the goat was real because it prevented the Cubs from winning the World Series for 108 years. The way to tell if a curse is real is if it works. In this case, it stopped the Cubs for 108 years. Ultimately, it broke, but not before the person placing the curse got a lot of satisfaction from placing the curse.

  • It is utter nonsense to attribute the Cubs' failure to win a WorldSeries to a curse.

    Attributing the Cubs' failure to win a World Series for so long due to an incident in which a man allegedly cursed them for refusing to admit his pet goat to a game in 1945 is ridiculous and flies in the face of science and all we know about the universe. Only fools believe in curses and attributing the failure of the Cubs to win a world championship for so long may make for interesting local legend, but has no basis in fact or reality. Perhaps people should examine management and owner decisions and the fact that other teams were often better and deserved to win more. Either way, the curse was ineffective since the Cubs are the current World Series champions.

  • No, the curse of the goat was not real.

    No, the curse of the goat was not real. It is nice to think of curses as the reason the Cubs had such a historic drought, but the true reason they took so long to win a World Series was due to the games they played. Everything outside had little effect.

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