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She can do better

  Get him a card on Valentine's Day. Geez, By how you've formulated this question, It seems that you think it's not the best thing she can do for a a man she loves, But the only thing she can do for a man she loves. Besides, There are many better things than cuddling she can do. Because the funny thing is that if the man she loves thinks that cuddling is the best she can do for him, Then she needs to dump him ASAP
MrFarRight says2021-02-15T11:47:23.003
Why should she dump him if he thinks that the best thing she can do for him is cuddling? Isn’t that better than him only wanting sex?
Would really love an answer please
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T12:16:29.147
Because their relationship should be emotional, Not physical. If she wants to express love, Then she could just say 'I love you'. Also, The best thing she could do for a man she loves is make him proud. She can run for president or start her own business, Or save a child's life.
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T12:17:38.507
But all of this is relative. These opinions shouldn't extend to love life because that's all really too personal
MrFarRight says2021-02-15T12:38:08.027
Ok really confused why does she need to make him proud?

Why is that the best thing she can do?

Wouldn’t cuddling be better because it show that the other person loves you?

And man is much easier than becoming president you know frist you got to get enough signatures to get on the primary ballot in each state win enough delegates to win nomination and then win in the electoral college that’s quite a lot of work and for little reward you will be constantly attacked by the media and fellow politicians made fun of by SNL and for what? The ability to commit war crimes

I laugh at the idea that a woman president is the solution to are problems right just what we need more female war criminals

because equity or something
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T12:47:02.327
Again, All of this is relative. Being proud of someone is a good feeling. I'm not saying it's the best thing, I'm just saying that it's better than cuddling. A woman should listen to a man she loves, She should be kind to him, She should spent time with him, She should say nice things to him, She should make him proud.

All of these small, Affectionate actions are the best thing she can do for him. Cuddling is common, It's not a special bond that she only has with him. I'm sure she's cuddled with other men in the past and he other girls. The best thing they can BOTH do for each other is to be understanding. However, This is relative, If you want to have a 'cuddle based relationship' with your wife or girlfriend (if you have one) be my guest.
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T12:48:28.340
Also, The fact that the idea of a female president makes you laugh is just pitiful
MrFarRight says2021-02-15T12:53:19.590
Oh you know what changed my mind we definitely need more female war criminals after all think of all the war criminals you know like Donald trump barak obama george bush all men women are under represented as war criminals
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T12:59:04.677
Could you explain, I really didn't understand that. Besides, I thought you said that Trump was just a billionaire reality TV star.

Can you accept messages on your profile account? I would love to discuss about your views about women. I'm genuinely curious about them so please accept- I would love to talk
MrFarRight says2021-02-15T13:29:08.527
Trump is a billionaire reality TV star but he also gave an order to fire missile into syria a nation the United States are not at war with that makes him a war criminal along with drone strikes obama is also a war criminal because he invaded nations in which the United States were not at war like libya also drone strikes started under obama

If you want to discuss my views on women I would be more than happy to talk with you I hope we can have a polite productive conversation I don’t know if you have to be friends to message or not I tried messaging you after seeing this but it said your not exempting messages right now so I don’t know what the deal is
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T13:50:55.917
Ok, Sorry, I went into changed the message settings, So I think that you can message me now
PinkWolvz says2021-02-15T14:09:17.277
I think that you need to enable messages from people other than friends too, Because when I tried to reply, It told me that an error had occurred
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