• Teens needs limits

    I basically grew up without parents during my teen years. I could stay out all night, have girls stay overnight, drink, smoke pot, pretty much whatever. I paid for this freedom dearly in the forms of dropping out of high school and the slew of dead end jobs that came with it. Teenagers don't understand moderation and aren't very good at planning for their future. Strict curfews are important to keep teens from getting into trouble, like I did. They will thank their parents later.

  • Curfews cause more troubles than prevent them.

    It is said that 62% of people said that curfews don't prevent teens from causing trouble, and 38% of people said that curfews do. There may be other cases, but I am going to say only 2.
    1. Curfews can cause agitation between the teenager and the parents. This can lead to teenagers not listening to the parents and cause trouble.

    2. Curfews can cause teenagers to panic and can lead to an accident. The teenager might have a situation when he or she is late, so they rush home, increasing the chance of having an accident.

    There might be other cases, but these 2 are the two main reasons why curfews do not keep teens out of trouble. Instead, they create more trouble than preventing them.

  • Nope I don't think so

    The time for dinner for most of the people in the world is usually around 8-9 pm.
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