Curriculum change in ICSE schools: Should popular books like the Harry Potter series be taught in schools?

  • Do you want children to read or not?

    If you want children to read, appeal to their interest.
    This is so simple that I don't have another 30 words.
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  • Yes, popular books give children incentive to read and learn

    Yes, even controversial books such as the Harry Potter series will lead to better reading and comprehension skills in children. In my opinion, children would approach these reading assignments with increased enthusiasm and would, therefore, become natural readers. Attempting to force kids to read the classics before they are ready could cause them to develop a dread of reading and will certainly make their teachers' job more difficult.

  • Yes, I agree.

    I like this idea since I like fantasy and magic. Not that there's anything wrong with Tagore and Shakespeare, but I think this is more appropriate for that age. I think that this ensures that there's an actual scope for improvement. I would have liked John Green to be added too, though I love the Harry Potter series because it's got adventure and journey. This will help encourage children who do not read to pick up books. Next, they should add Percy Jackson.

  • Yes popular books like harry potter series should be taught in schools

    English classes in ICSE schools will no longer be the same. Students will now read graphic novels like Amar Chitra Katha, Tintin and Asterix, and Harry potter'.

    This is going to have such a profound impact on our youth. Just imagine students from class III to VIII reading these books - such a creative-first world.

    Uttiya Gupta, a Class-VI student of Adamas International School, was ecstatic at the news."This is great news. I am a big fan of Tintin and Asterix as well as Harry Potter. Now, I would love to study them in class. The classes will become super exciting," he said.

  • yes they should

    Popular books are a great way to get students involved in what they're reading and hopefully encourage them to read more. Many of the newer series, like the Harry Potter series, are well written and engaging, and are great tools to inspire students to keep reading, which is ultimately what schools want.

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