• Misleading packaging should be illegal.

    I believe that misleading packaging should be illegal. If companies are allowed to 'skimp' their customers in terms of product size or volume, where would the manipulation end? Many diligent consumers, like myself, tend to mull over buying decisions and select products and brands that provide the best value. If product volume is not extremely clear via the packaging and labels, it makes it near impossible to compare one product to the other.

  • Yes, because it is misleading.

    I think it is very wrong for a company to put misleading information onto a package. For many people this is the only information they have on which to decide which product to buy. If the information is misleading, then they are, in effect, being conned into buying that product under false pretenses. This must be illegal.

  • yes it should

    why have the company get in trouble over a miss packaged box because it's there fault they did what they did and cannot be undone some time people make mistakes so It should be illegal if someone gets the wrong meds and it hurts them they should get punished concidering it was there fault to begin with

  • misleading packaging illegal

    Yes of course I think that it should be illegal for packaging to be misleading. When some one wants to purchase an item they want to assume that the packaging has all the right information and relates to the product inside the package. When this does not happen it can be misleading.

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