• Yes, I think so.

    Yes, Cyber Monday deals are like heaven time for tech geeks. Best time to grab Iot products and services on insane sale. It’s great news for people who didn’t want to brave the stores, or who were just too busy playing VR games to do their shopping during their downtime.

  • Absolutely, Cyber Monday online deals are the best.

    The Cyber Monday deals are the best deals that one can get in the entire year. Shoppers can find products for 40 to 50 percent off of what they are normally used to paying. It’s a wonderful thing. The best part is that we can shop from the comfort of wherever we’re staying.

  • Most of the time Yes

    Overall, I would say Cyber Monday has the best online deals. Competitors have to cut their prices to stay in par with other vendors, thus causing basically every seller to give some sort of discount. Will this vendor have a bigger discount than that one? Probably, but that price you are buying at is most likely close to even, if not lower than any price they have sold that good at. Do sellers have deals other times of the year? Of course they do, but never at the same time as each other like on Cyber Monday. Someone could be having an anniversary sale, giving a deal because it's your birthday, or even having a just because sale. This generally only happens with one vendor.
    Cyber Monday is just like Black Friday. Almost every store has some sort of deal on Black Friday, and the same can usually be said for Cyber Monday. The only difference is Cyber Monday is strictly online deals.

  • Cyber Monday is not the only day to get good deals

    Although Cyber Monday is hyped as the day to get the best deals it is far from likely that the prices just go up the next day. That would require a collusion by all online retailers that would probably fall afoul of Federal Anti-Trust Laws. As long as one online retailer keeps their prices low following Cyber Monday, it is likely they all will.

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