Cyberattackers responsible for major network hacks still unidentified: Should we be more cautious with our devices?

  • Everyone should be more cautions with the security of their devices

    In light of the recent cyber attacks on these major networks I think it serves as a great reminder of how important security is, especially for smart phones. In today'w world most people have a very large amount of personal information (SSN, bank accounts, address) stored on their smart phones. It is common sense to have a certain amount of security such as setting up a pass code, and using smart passwords in order to protect private and personal information.

  • Yes, it's prudent to be cautious.

    Yes, since hackers insist on working hard to bring our systems down, we need to take precautions against these attacks. We must use antivirus programs. We have to be careful with passwords. All of this is inconvenient, yet it's necessary. If hackers continue to attack, we must continue to protect our devices.

  • More devices means more opportunities

    We all have devices and we often forget to use passwords, change them and keep our devices out of sight and hidden. However, they are expensive, they contain more personal data than we realise and they are easy to steal. We should take better care of them both in the offline and online worlds.

  • These hacks do not seem to be targeting ordinary people.

    Aside from the inconvenience caused by these huge hacks, it does not appear that everyday citizens have anything to fear from these cyber attacks. Instead, it appears that the targets are huge companies and governments. Given the nature of the hacking, it is also unlikely that the perpetrators have targeted civilians' devices for information to help them with their attacks. All in all, civilians should probably not be overly concerned about their own personal devices.

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