• Cyprus is greek!

    This really should not be a topic we have to debate about. First off the only people defending that Cyprus is Turkish would be Turks as no other county in the world, other than Turkey recognize the northern part of Cyprus as Turkish because in 1974 the Turks ILLEGALLY invaded Cyprus, claiming the Northern side. If Cyprus was truly Turkish (which it is not) why would the Turks themselves come and rape their own women? Kill their people? And still not withdraw their troops from nearly 50 years on? The primary language at the time was also Greek Cypriot. Turks broadcast themselves as vile, barbaric humans who take advantage of smaller and weaker nations to grasp more territory.

    Even nowadays if you were too ask any Cypriot who Cyprus' best friend is they would reply with Greece and the enemy would be Turkey.

    They need to lay off from Cyprus as Cyprus is Greek and so is most of Turkey. For example one of their most popular and visited cities,Istanbul was once Greek called Constantinople. Even the new name (Istanbul) is Greek, meaning "It was a city" (ήταν μια πόλη).

    To sum everything up the Turks are barbaric. Dirty pigs that have taken advantage of a small nation and caused not only a devastating war for a weaker country but nearly 50 years of suffering and remembering of those who had to flee their once beautiful and peaceful villages. Also still illegally occupies a third of the land of one of the most pretty but also one of the most smallest countries in the world,

  • Cyprus is Greek. Simple!

    Yes Cyprus is home to both GC and TC but the island is Greek. The same way that England is home to hundreds of minorities, some of which have been there for many many years, but England is still English! GC are made up of natives, Greeks and Phoenicians. True Cypriots for thousands of years. Just because the ottomans invaded in 1571, doest make cyprus part turkish. You cant change facts

  • Cyprus is Greek

    The first cities were founded by Greeks. The majority of the population speaks Greek and is Greek Christian Orthodox. There are of course Turkish Cypriots but Cyprus has never been Turkish. It was just occupied by the Ottomans for many many years. In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and occupied the Northern part of the island. All talks for reunification have failed because Turks insist on their unacceptable requests.

  • Yes, there are more Greeks.

    Yes, Cyprus is Greek, because Greece has more influence in the area. There are more Greeks that live on the island, and the common theme of the people and their common opinion is that they want to remain Greek. Turkey is just trying to take advantage of what they perceive to be a small nation in order to expand their territory.

  • Yes, Cyprus Is Part of Greece As It Has Been For Most of History

    Cyprus was a part of Ancient Greece and has been a part of Greece for most of history. The Turkish Invasion took place in 1974, long after imperialism was considered acceptable and recently enough that the wrong can and should be righted by ending the conflict and allowing Cyprus to continue as part of Greece. In the modern world annexed lands are generally returned to the original nation, as in the Iraq-Kuwait conflict, and this should be the case with Cyprus.

  • North Cyprus is Turkish

    The Turks are living there for a long time and the Greeks never treated the Turkish Cypriot equally so that is the reason why Turkey took the northern side of Cyprus for the Cypriot Turks to live there. The southern side is Greek. And the Greeks have more land than the Turks do, so it's fine.

  • Cyprus is Turkish.

    The ottoman people have captured Cyprus.. It became Turkish and a part still is. I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of this. It is Turkish as it was captured by the Turks. I agree that a part it Greek but it is also Turkish so deal with it guys

  • Its is both.

    There are 2 distinct people inhabiting this island. Most are Greek origin, some are Turkish origin. Many rulers have come and gone over the centuries. This is what is left. Greeks and Turks. Turkish have inhabited the island since the 16th century..... Much longer than 1974. I am Turkish Cypriot for so many generations it's too far to count. My ancestors blood is in this beautiful soil. Let's enjoy what they gave to us and have peace.

  • Cyprus was of ottoman/turkish origin

    Cyprus was first inhabited in 9000 BC and was home to people who were the ancestors of what would become the people of anatolia and thrace who became ottomen, came back and took cyprus from the greeks, lost in world war 1 (a bad decision to join the central powers) became the republic of turkey and, when the turks got their way of takism in cyprus, were the ONLY country in world to recognise the turkish population of cyprus as the turkish republic of northen cyprus.

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