Cystic fibrosisThere has gained more attention recently. Should there be more federal funding for the disease?

  • More funding please

    There should be more funding for this issue because there are too many people suffering with the disease. It deserves its share of government money, private donations, and established foundations. Cyctic fibrosis is one of the most important medical causes in the modern world today, affecting people all over the globe.

  • Yes, it seems outrageous that young people continue to die from this debilitating condition.

    Cystic fibrosis shortens lives and makes day-to-day living extremely uncomfortable for sufferers and their families. The tragic case of the young married couple who died from the condition just days apart, despite having had lung transplants, highlights the urgent need to make more federal funding available to find a cure.

  • Yes, ill people need federal help

    Yes, no one thinks about an illness until he himself becomes ill. It is difficult to live with any complicated illness, and this Cystic fibrosis can be very painful. When a sick person knows that the country takes care about him/her, and that the country is giving money for him/her to get healthy, one feels better and his/her recovery prognosis is better.

  • Yes, there should be more federal funding for the disease.

    Many suffer from a less-known disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately, not a lot of federal funding is being allocating to research a cure for the disease. The federal government should allocate more research dollars to study the disease; hopefully finding a cure for it soon. Finding a cure for the disease would eventually save the medical community substantial money, because current treatments are expensive.

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