D-Day vet, age 93, jumps again over Normandy: Could the young people of today do what the WWII generation did?

  • There are always some people capable of it

    I'm pretty cynical when it comes to our youth. Many of them are spoiled, dependent and entitled. They don't have to deal with the consequences of their actions, and they don't respect themselves or others. However when faced with a crisis or war situation, there will always be men and women capable of rising to the challenge when needed.

  • Yes the "young people" of today could do what the WWII generation did.

    The issue with the current generation of young people is not their ability to survive under pressure and stress. It's their motivation to survive those conditions. Too much is given to the young people of today, they haven't learned the value of hard work and commitment to a goal. They have the abiliy, just not the will.

  • Yes, I believe they could.

    Even though people often feel like today's younger generations are more entitled and less motivated to work, I believe that if the fate of our nation was at stake, they would step up just like the greatest generation did. There are hundreds of troops that joined the military after September 11th and I believe that if there was a third world war we would see similar acts of heroism.

  • Really dumb question.

    Off course they could launch an amphibious assault on a beach. Probably better with the current technology we have. Our military forces would be able to launch an operation like that today that back then was probably seen as difficult. There are a lot harder operations that could be launched today.

  • No, I Don't Believe So

    Today's youth has a wealth of knowledge and technology at their disposal that the greatest generation could only dream of. However, if you were to somehow transplant the modern youth into the exact same scenario of WWII, the modern generation would fail miserably. Sure, there would be some who would thrive in such circumstances, but the modern American youth would be utterly overwhelmed by the horrors of WWII, and the high prices that were paid to win it. I say this with the admission that I am part of the modern youth: "The greatest generation would kick our asses."

  • Youth Today are Different

    Today's youth have come of age in a multicultural world. Though opinionated about international issues, they are much less likely to be serving in the manner that WWII veterans did. That earlier generation had different standards, culture, and values, in keeping with the times. The multicultural world inhabited by young people today precludes the kinds of nation-based actions that earlier veterans are known for.

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