Dak Prescott: Does respect for the environment reveal a deeper morality?

  • We should respect the environment more.

    As humans, we have lost touch with the reality that we rely so heavily on the environment in our daily lives. We should be more focused on maintaining the quality of the environment that we live in. But, unfortunately people have little respect for each other nowadays, so there is little hope of them respecting the environment also.

  • Yes, it does.

    People who respect the enviroment do so because they are conscious of and think about what is right and wrong. Whatever Dak Prescott is a believer in God or not, his respect for the enviroment indicates that he cares about doing what is right and tries to be a good person .

  • I think so

    I believe that humans weren't put on earth just to trash it , or exploit nature for our own gain. Are we talking about the fact that Prescott picked up and recycled a gatorade bottle? Isn't that a pretty normal act, and shouldn't we expect an adult to do that. Good for him that he actually did, and hopefully it shows that he does pick up after himself, but that should be the status quo. I'm not sure if that represents a deeper morality or just that fact that his mama taught him well.

  • It just shows a love of nature

    Plenty of people in the world love nature while being complete jerks. That's not to say that Dak Prescott is a jerk, for all I know he's the most wonderful guy in the world, but the fact that he respects the environment has little to do with his deeper sense of morality.

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