• Yes, he is.

    Dark Prescott is a great player and he may be the only chance the Dallas Cowboys have of wining enough games to make it to the playoffs and possibly win the Super Bowl. He is a great player and he may be able to get them to where they need to be.

  • Yes, he is Dallas' salvation.

    Yes, Dak Prescott is the present and future of the Dallas Cowboys organization. He has played better than anybody thought he would. He is a candidate for MVP, along with his teammate and fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot. Jerry Jones needs to stop wavering and say that he is the new franchise quarterback of the Cowboys. Tony Romo was a good quarterback for a long time, but Dak is the guy who will take them to a Super Bowl Championship.

  • Yes, he will be a star.

    The Dallas Cowboys have been in a rough patch for a while. Tony Romo has been a very good quarterback for them, but he hasn't led them to a Super Bowl, and he's had a number of injuries that have derailed seasons for them. However, this season, Dak Prescott took over and has been incredible. He looks like he could be an all-time great quarterback, and he may lead Dallas to a number of Super Bowls.

  • Not a Cowboys fan

    I don't care either way, since I am not a Cowboys fan. I'll say that he seems like a decent enough guy, and is playing well enough for them to win and keep winning. I like that he's environmentally aware, but I'm not rooting for his team, so I don't care if they win.

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