Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million. Would you donate to the cause?

  • Donate for Good Cause

    Donating to the cause would certainly help. The longer people are out there protesting, the longer it will be postponed and hopefully the project will be stopped altogether. We have a responsibility to help out other people in our country that are being affected by this injustice that has plagued the Native American community for hundreds of years.

  • Yes, the protesters are fighting for a good cause.

    The Dakota Pipeline protesters are campaigning for a good cause; I believe they deserve a chance to fight their case. They are using the money to provide basic shelter to the people at the protest; a good allocation of funds. The land the pipeline plans to cross is considered sacred by a people who have already been persecuted. I firmly believe we should now be trying to preserve Native American sites as historically important areas. They are also an important religious factor for some; I highly doubt a pipeline would be allowed to cross sites of Christian significance.

  • Yes, I would donate to the cause.

    Yes, I would donate to the cause because the protestors need our help. It is not right that their sacred lands can be taken away from them again. We must protect the rights of Native Americans. This was their country long before it was ours. They need to be supported.

  • I believe in self-determination -- that's not to say I don't believe the pipeline is good

    But we must be diplomatic about this. Diplomacy with Natives is the best way. We gotta have terms, and work it out. It would be racist to totally disregard the Natives. I want the pipeline but I also wanna respect the boundaries Natives set. I believe it's reasonable. So yeah,

  • The pipeline is good.

    All the Dakota Access people want is more money. They don't care about the environment. On the other hand, the pipeline will lower energy costs and make America less dependent on foreign oil. This is a very good thing. There is far more good to come from the pipeline than bad, so there shouldn't be protesters about it.

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