Dakota pipeline operator set to drill as planned, despite Obama order: Should he be arrested for defying Presidential orders?

  • Yes, he should be.

    He should be arrested for defying the presidential order. This is because the president is the commander in chief and therefore his rule stands. He had a reason why he was against the drilling. Of course he did a lot of consultation and also research. It might have a negative impact on the environment or something.

  • This pipeline is a disaster

    The Dakota Access Pipeline has already burst in a few states and they aren't even done with it yet. This pipeline is a disaster for our drinking water and Nature itself. Why do you think the Standing Rock Native Americans are protesting it so much? This project should be scrapped and was horrible idea from day one. There are more important things than profit

  • Obama doesn't have authority.

    Obama doesn't have the authority to tell certain businesses that the cannot operate. This is not an oligarchy and Obama is not a king. He doesn't have the power to pick winners and losers. As long as the operator is following the law, he is fine to operate his business, even though Obama doesn't like it.

  • The Dakota pipeline operator should not be arrested

    Dakota pipeline operator set to drill should not be arrested in spite of define pres. Obama's order to the contrary. While Obama is free to request anything he wants, his ability to prevent anyone from doing that which he is legally allowed to do is limited to his law-enforcement capabilities, if any. If Obama is going to request these kinds of things. He better have the law to back him up.

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