Dakota Pipeline Protests Continue: Is the United States too dependent on oil?

  • Yes i agree

    Yes i agree that the united state is too dependent on oil. I actually believe that the United States should stop depending on foreign oil. A recent report on the November 2009 U.S. trade deficit found that rising oil imports widened our deficit, increasing the gap between our imports and exports.

  • United States is much too dependent on oil

    The protests at the Dakota Pipeline are just another indication that the United States relies far too much on oil. People are starting to recognize this, which is why the protests are happening. It is high time we listen to those dissenting voices and find some other, more renewable energy source before it's too late.

  • Yes, the United States is too dependant on oil

    Yes, the United States is too dependent on oil and it is embarrassing, given the number of renewable energy sources available and our lack of effort to increase these alternative fuels. Other countries have shown more commitment to environmental changes and are likely to be more successful in the future.

  • It helps America prosper.

    The United States is not too dependent on oil because oil is what allows America to have the economic activity that it has. The only thing wrong with use of oil in the United States is that the country is too dependent on foreign oil. The United States should have more projects like the Dakota pipeline in order to reduce dependency on foreign governments.

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