Dallas Cowboys: Would you like to see Caleb Hanie start for the Cowboys?

  • Yes, I would like to see Caleb Hanie start for the Cowboys.

    I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan and Caleb Hanie sucks. Caleb Hanie starting for the Dallas Cowboys would make there team much worse and would allow for the Philadelphia Eagles to take an easy road on securing their second straight NFC East championship. Caleb Hanie is much worse than the other options that the Cowboys have, and he would weaken their team mightily.

  • No, Hanie would be a downgrade from Tony Romo.

    Caleb Hanie should not start for the Dallas Cowboys unless Tony Romo suffers some kind of serious injury. Although Romo is often criticized for "choking" during big games, he has stellar career numbers and is an established franchise quarterback with a lot more talent and experience than Hanie.

    I would rather see Caleb Hanie compete with Brandon Weeden and Kyle Orton for the backup position, rather than compete with Tony Romo for the starting job.

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