Dancing with the Stars: Is Ray Chew's new band an improvement over Harold Wheeler?

  • Its About Time

    I was very happy to see Ray Chew and his crew he's been in the business a very long time since the days of Showtime at the Apollo and his time has come. Congratulations Mr. Chew for being a breathe of fresh air, just what this show may need ,a little bit of Sauce.

  • Ray Chew's new band

    Ray Chew's new band is an improvement over Harold Wheeler. Ray chew has alot of talent and so does Harold Wheeler but I think that the sound of his music is more appropriate for Dancing with the Stars and seems to work better with the show. I hope we continue to see more of these improvements.

  • Yes, Ray Chew's new band is an improvement.

    Ray Chew has a background in orchestral arranging which will benefit the show. As well as taking over the band, Ray Chew is also the new director of music, which leaves him able to oversee the entire show's music, and ultimately leaving him full creative license to play the music he sees fit for the show.

  • It will only make it worse.

    Since this show's inception, the Harold Wheeler Orchestra has performed beautiful backing music! Now that Ray Chew's guys have been in that orchestra pit in the ballroom for five years, I say enough is enough. Hopefully the people at ABC, and BBC Worldwide will reverse this decision, and by the next season, a bigger orchestra, and absolutely no canned music will do. And let's do the same for the Broadway pit orchestras too!

  • Wheeler's wheelhouse off musical direction remains supreme.

    Harold Wheeler's musicianship, arranging expertise and his selection
    of Hollywood's finest musicians and singers simply can't be topped.
    His arrangements, musical direction and cadre of players, was among
    the finest ever assembled for a national TV show. Wheeler and his
    monster talent will be missed by dancers & viewers.
    Terry Thompson, bandleader, arranger.

  • Bring Harold Back

    The atmosphere of the show has changed for the worse. The new band has nowhere near as much impact as Harolds. The sound is smaller because the band is smaller and it doesnt work. Ray Chew is good but Harold is better by a clear and noticable margin and in 17 seasons Harold and his band went wrong once Ray chew went wrong twice in one night. Harold created the music for 17 seasons he is the engine that drove the show for nearly 9 years so nobody is going to come close due to the fact the show has grown up with him at the helm and nobody can replace that no matter who they are.

  • Harold Wheeler's orchestra was classier

    Last week there wasn't as much variety in the music as there has been with Harold Wheeler. The new band doesn't have the full sound that the other one had either. I don't know if it was just the choice of music, but I was not impressed with the new band. I didn't enjoy the music like I always have on DWTS in the past.

  • A Step backward

    This is a cheapening, less exciting, sterile fake band, which is nothing compared to the real orchestra. It's not like Disney can't afford it.

    Why not just use canned music? These guys pushing buttons on their computers, triggering samples, are supposed to be musicians?

    Send them back to American Idol and go back to real ballroom dance music. Leave the current pop hits for the pop acts and feature DANCE.

  • No One Cares

    I don't think it matters at all. Ray Chew's new band is just something different than Harold Wheeler, it's not going to make a difference. The ratings dropped on this show because no one watches it anymore and people simply don't care what changes are made. These competition shows have run their course, give it a break.

  • One and the same.

    No, Ray Chew's new band is not an improvement over Harold Wheeler's, because there is not a great deal of difference. A lot of people do not understand why Chew was taken off the show in the first place. There is more pop music from Wheeler, but Chew was acclaimed, so his replacement does not make a lot of sense.

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