• Yes, cats can be more dangerous than dogs.

    Cats can be more dangerous then dogs. Yes, some dogs are scary and can be dangerous when biting people. However, cat bites can be extremely painful and can lead to infection. Cat teeth are more likely to break the skin, potentially infecting humans more so than a dog bite. Feral cats can be especially dangerous.

  • Dog bites are worse than Cat bites

    Whoever said that cat bites are worse than dog bites is blatantly wrong. Yes, cat butes will hurt if they want to protect themselves from whatever threat you are posing, but dogs will become aggressive and try to injure you further. Cats will run away after lashing bout, but dogs will continue to maim. Dog bites are more likely to cause infection and serious injuries, and their powerful jaws will break the skin and possibly even bone much easier than a cat would. Remember, cats were made to hunt small prey, not large prey, like dogs.

  • Not even closing dog bits hurt more then cat bites dogs are scary

    A lot of people on earth go to the hospital because of dog bites. People go to the hospital because of scares by dogs and you can die. That's why .They are scary because of there teeth. They could bite you any second .
    Cats are not more dangerous than dogs.

  • Cats are not more dangerous than dogs.

    Cats are not more dangerous than dogs. This is a very general statement, but if one is comparing the two animals and their bites, it is a fair judgment. One way to look at this is that overall dogs have a greater numbers of large breeds and a large cat would never be larger than a dog. Second, dogs are more aggressive where as a cat may be protective but is less outgoing with it.

  • Their bite isn't as bad.

    Statistically, there are many more problems with dog bites than there are from cat bites. It is hard to die from a cat bite. A cat might nip a little bit, but it's hard for a cat to cause lasting, serious damage. Dogs on the other hand, are more unpredictable. They can cause big problems.

  • Danger Depends on the Animal

    I do not believe cats are more dangerous than dogs, but I also believe that not all dogs are really dangerous. A cat could potentially be more dangerous if it is a cat that is prone to scratching and biting and does not have it's proper vaccines. Overall though, dogs are less predictable and therefore I am more weary of dogs than cats.

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