Daniel Radcliffe Raps "Alphabet Aerobics": Does this performance help you to see Daniel Radcliffe in a different light?

  • Yes, he seems more funny now and less like a wizard.

    Yes, I think this performance helps make Daniel Radcliffe seem more humorous and less like such a serious actor. He always seemed like a nice guy who was quiet and reserved, and this performance showed a different side that made us laugh and respect him in a much different way.

  • Daniel Radcliffe's rap is amusing, but not important.

    It is very funny that there are headlines informing the world that Daniel Radcliffe has rapped something called "Alphabet Aerobics". I fail to see the importance of this story in any sense whatsoever. It is not a particularly remarkable thing for an actor to perform a rap. This is nothing new.

  • No, he will always be Harry Potter

    Every time I see Daniel Radcliffe the first thing I think of is Harry Potter. I think he could do 100 movies and other things but that will always be how I know him. When you play that big of a role for that many years it is almost impossible to be known at anything other than the character.

  • Nope, it doesn't change my view.

    I have never heard of that person before, so I currently have no opinions on him. It is interesting to hear that someone used such a song in a rap, but other than that it doesn't alter or extend any of my opinions on people or him in particular. I still think people are free to do what they want, even if it appears weird or strange to others, as long as it isn't hurting someone else.

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